At Vulcan Electrical, we pride ourselves on being a hands-on contracting company providing electrical and instrumentation (E/I) services for the energy industry. We specialize in field E/I construction and maintenance in the oil and gas sector. However, we have done installations for modular and panel fabrications as well as for skid packages. We have also been very successful in providing maintenance and shutdown/turnaround services in the plant environment. In addition, some of the E/I systems and equipment we are experienced with include:

  • High Voltage components
  • HMI
  • MI cable
  • Fibre Optic cable
  • Data/Network cabling
  • VFD
  • Metering/Calibration
  • Cathodic Protection
  • TEG
  • Solar
  • Non-utility generated power
  • Fire and Gas detection
  • PLC
  • DCS


We have highly skilled, experienced journeymen, technicians, apprentices, estimators, purchasers, project managers and support staff. Our employees know how to research and write competitive bids for customers and then follow through with procurement, installation, commissioning and startups. Our project history is extensive and because of this we know how to manage and schedule materials, personnel and equipment for the benefit of our customers.

Vulcan Electrical has provided construction services on a variety of project types including:

  • Single oil and gas wells
  • Gas facilities for sweet and sour gas including compression, dehydration, refrigeration, sweetening, processing, storage, amine and acid gas systems and equipment
  • Pipeline pumping and storage stations for oil and gas including high horsepower pumps and various makes of turbines
  • Light oil well and battery sites including LACT units
  • Heavy oil facilities including water re-use, water injection, steam injection, SAGD, process, multi-well pads, vapour recovery (VRU) and numerous pilot projects
  • Petrochemical facilities
  • Electric utility facilities including transmission substations, power generation and cogeneration

We are also very experienced in remote location, weather dependent, short scheduled construction projects and can provide the resources necessary to ensure successful completion of this type of work.


Our team members have years of experience installing, repairing, testing and maintaining electrical and instrumentation (E/I) systems. Our people understand these systems well and have the training to identify and fix any issues that may arise. Our skilled personnel also have the skills and experience to manage plant shutdown/turnarounds. Vulcan Electrical’s maintenance experience includes all E/I systems on the above mentioned projects, including while in operation, during shutdown and commissioning and in startup sequence.

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